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Contraire is a Dutch indie / electronic pop band, started after the solo career of frontman and songwriter Maurijn Teunisse. Alias Writist he played 150+ shows on multiple stages in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and on Dutch radio (NPO 3FM).


Now it’s time for Contraire. With music full of contradictions such as electronic though organic, pop and also alternative, and uplifting but touching. On a journey through all colours of the spectrum.


So far they’ve released 5 songs; Clear SkyOceanStay a little longerUltraviolet Lights and Write the Plot. In 2022 they played their first festival shows in the Netherlands. In the start of 2023 they released their newest release Clear Sky, along with a tour through the Netherlands and festival shows upcoming.


Contraire in the media

Schermafbeelding 2022-10-04 om 00.00.31.png

De Gelderlander | 20 april 2021


17.07.23 / Vierdaagsefeesten

Nijmegen (NL)

03.06.23 / Onderstroom Festival

Harderwijk (NL)

20.04.23 / Stathe (Clear Sky Release)

Utrecht (NL)

17.04.23 / Metropool

Enschede (NL) / solo set

10.04.23 / Luxor Live

Arnhem (NL) 

01.04.23 / Booster Festival

Enschede (NL) / trio set

27.08.22 / Loeiheet Festival

Vuren (NL) 

17.07.22 / Park Open

Arnhem (NL)

09.07.22 / Kattegat Festival

Zwolle (NL)

19.06.22 / Ally Arts Festival

Almere (NL)

04.05.22 / Bevrijdingsfestival (Benefiet Oekraïne)

Wageningen (NL)

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