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About us

Hi! We're Contraire, a Dutch indie/electronic pop band. On December 1st 2023 we will release our new single All In. On April 21st we released our latest single: "Clear Sky". Make sure you follow us on Spotify and Instagram to be the first to hear it!

Contraire are:

- Maurijn Teunisse (vocals / songwriting / guitar / keys)

- Yaresh Soekhlal (bass / keys)

- Timo Vermeer (keys / guitar)

- Daan Quittner (drums)

Bio: Contraire is an electro-oriented indie-pop band. The foursome sounds captivating but hopeful, through a refined mix of organic and electronic instruments. It makes you dance and dream. Embrace the darkness of the night, but celebrate the daylight at the same time. The vocals are central, which are as energetic as they are vulnerable, multicolored throughout the set. Surrounded by earworm basslines, vintage synthesizers and a mix of drums and samples. Songs fascinated by loneliness, revelry, levitating and drawing your life path in peace. On a journey through all colors of the spectrum with this 'talent to keep an eye on ' - 3voor12'

"Talent om in de gaten te houden"

3voor12 Gelderland

"Totally blown off my feet by Contraire"

Victoria Koblenko

Contraire X Mariska - LR - 0015.jpg
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